Thursday, 14 July 2011

The 4th day..and we're still here ;P

Hadoiiii... dah empat hari kat hospital neh. Alhamdulillah setakat la, Edylea has shown the sign of recovery...the only left is just a bit of asthmatic wheezing ..yang pneumonia insyaAllah, the doc said dah okay. 

 Just look at her...she smiles at all time. This picture was just taken by me..hehe ye la..who else kan? Btw, hubby is busy at the office..he has to settle some urgent things especially payroll for this month..he only come and see Edylea after work.

The fourth day...

tadi petang..the doc said maybe tomorrow bole discharge...yahooo!!...but it depends, doc kata kalau dia tak penat lagi then we can go home..but if not...we'll remain to stay for another 1 day. Esok let's see how...rasa² macam esok bole balik... 
i'll update again tomorrow.

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