Wednesday, 16 November 2011

closed-up window

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This window I bought in early 2010.. it comes with the curtain uolls..
the decorative flower and pots below are originally derived from my imagination ;) 

For me, instead of leaving the window with the curtain itself .. it doesn't look outstanding yo..that's why I came out with an idea to give a lil touch by putting those pink flowers .. (match kan dengan color curtain tue) 
pots with small flowers tu pun mak sukee ;)
  I love sharing the ideas with my fella readers..
you are welcome to try this idea for ya window too!
Maybe some of you are from facebook group, here I closed up the window since pic dlm fb pic taken dari angle tepi... so agaks tak puass tengok kan..

here's the front view...

 up to now ...we'll see again in the next post ... 

happy decorating !

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