Thursday, 28 July 2011

back to share some stories!

My apology because I did not fulfill my updates ..bukan ape..just so many things happened within this week and that's the reason why. I just couldn't find a little time for myself to write. Well, today I feel that I'm ready to tell the story. 
Macam ni ceritanyaa, Edylea baru je being discharged from the ward kan, Adam pula tersembam dan patah gigi kan.. and at the same time me have to face the fact that I'm no longer a preggy mom..


-pic googled- 

On early of July, I did pregnancy test and it turned out to be positive. Happy tak kira neh..Tapi unfortunately, a week after, I bleed. Hubby and I cecepat bergegas ke Pantai Hospital jumpa gynae. During the ultrasound session, the doc said kalau ikutkan my pregnancy was just about  5 weeks tapi she can't even see the gestational sac..tapi I got thick uterine wall. She gave me another week to come again and see whether my pregnancy still survive or not. After one week, I went to see her again and did an ultrasound for the second time..confirm there's no sac can be seen.

It's okay because I've been mentally ready to hear such news..
-pic googled-

The doc informed that most miscarriages are caused by chromosomal abnormalities in the pregnancy resulting from an error during fertilization or maybe due to some unknown reasons. 
Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to avoid this.

No matter what was the reason of my miscarriage, I believe that setiap yg berlaku pasti ada hikmah disebaliknya..


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Gigi Adam patah !

Last Monday, I fetched Adam from my mom's house and mom told me that Adam had slipped while playing in the room and cried. Masa tu Adam tak bleed pun. Cuma malam tu, when he's to have milk, dia menangis dan mengadu "sakit..." Bila I check satu gigi depan dia dah longgar and gusi pun dah swollen. 

pity him tau coz ever since I fetched Adam from mom's house petang tu until the next morning nak minum susu pun tak boleh..means throughout the night he sleept with an empty stomach. He did fall asleep pun sebab dah penat sangat menangis. 
Then the next morning..dlm pukul 5am he demanded for milk again. So, I bancuh susu and give him the bottle ...terus dia start nanges. Hmmmphh..sedih laa tengok keadaan dia masa tu. If only I can transfer his pain to me kan?


Melihatkan keadaan dia sebegitu..hati ni dikuatkan juga untuk nak bagi Adam susu. What I did, I feed him tepi mulut je pakai syringe..coz gigi depan dia tu dah hampir tercabut dan longgar..


seriau tengok!

At first Adam mengeraskan jugak badan dia..takmo la tu
but after few times.. maybe dia rasa syringe tak kena pun gigi yang longgar tu..then Adam mula nak minum..atleast dia minum jugak

I pun dah tak tido lepas tu..terus bersiap nak gi office. Hubby took EL, and I pun kena followed them too to the clinic.

 Klinik Dr. Norliza @ Lagenda Heights, Sungai Petani, Kedah

 baru lepas cabut gigi...

 how's my new look?

 alang² dah di klinik gigi. my hubby pun ambil kesempatan untuk buat scaling..


that's for now..


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Finally..we're going home!

I'm happier now coz the doctor has allowed us to discharge today. Alhamdulillah, Edylea dah sihat tapi still kena continue medicine at home. This is Dr. Shah..a Paedtrician @ Pantai Hospital Sg Petani. 
We're always bring our children to have a consultation with him if one of them got health problem. Both of my kids like him very much. He's friendly with children..especially si Adam dia siap cium tangan doctor bila nak balik dari clinic.

The doctor and the patient...

Doc pun kewl siap bole berposing lagi!
wowowow...I better pack my things...

gotta go by now. ;)


The 4th day..and we're still here ;P

Hadoiiii... dah empat hari kat hospital neh. Alhamdulillah setakat la, Edylea has shown the sign of recovery...the only left is just a bit of asthmatic wheezing ..yang pneumonia insyaAllah, the doc said dah okay. 

 Just look at her...she smiles at all time. This picture was just taken by me..hehe ye la..who else kan? Btw, hubby is busy at the office..he has to settle some urgent things especially payroll for this month..he only come and see Edylea after work.

The fourth day...

tadi petang..the doc said maybe tomorrow bole discharge...yahooo!!...but it depends, doc kata kalau dia tak penat lagi then we can go home..but if not...we'll remain to stay for another 1 day. Esok let's see how...rasa² macam esok bole balik... 
i'll update again tomorrow.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

We're still at the hospital

Hari ni dah masuk hari ke 3 bermalam di Hospital Pantai. Hopefully doc bagi discharge la hari ni...tak larat la..lagipun dirumah tu banyak benda lagi nak kena buat laundry especially...

Edylea is much better now...kalau tgk dia tak macam org sakit...cakap banyak pastu lasak je...kot la nak rehat2 atas katil..
dia tak mau dok saja..ada je benda dia nak buat..The doc tak round lagi utk check patient di ward..maybe kul 10pg sat lagi...

Breakfast already had so now time to update the facebook and upload some pictures.. ;)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

admission to pantai hospital

My lil daughter was admitted into Pantai Hospital since last two days due to pneumonia. Hari ni nampak macam recovering and hopefully the doctor will allow us to discharge by today. 
It has been 2 days and 1 night dah berkampung di hospital...
I miss my baby Adam so bad. But the doctor has yet to come...those are the pictures taken for the last two days.

 the first day..upon admission to ward..

the next morning... in the X-ray room