Thursday, 28 July 2011

back to share some stories!

My apology because I did not fulfill my updates ..bukan ape..just so many things happened within this week and that's the reason why. I just couldn't find a little time for myself to write. Well, today I feel that I'm ready to tell the story. 
Macam ni ceritanyaa, Edylea baru je being discharged from the ward kan, Adam pula tersembam dan patah gigi kan.. and at the same time me have to face the fact that I'm no longer a preggy mom..


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On early of July, I did pregnancy test and it turned out to be positive. Happy tak kira neh..Tapi unfortunately, a week after, I bleed. Hubby and I cecepat bergegas ke Pantai Hospital jumpa gynae. During the ultrasound session, the doc said kalau ikutkan my pregnancy was just about  5 weeks tapi she can't even see the gestational sac..tapi I got thick uterine wall. She gave me another week to come again and see whether my pregnancy still survive or not. After one week, I went to see her again and did an ultrasound for the second time..confirm there's no sac can be seen.

It's okay because I've been mentally ready to hear such news..
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The doc informed that most miscarriages are caused by chromosomal abnormalities in the pregnancy resulting from an error during fertilization or maybe due to some unknown reasons. 
Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to avoid this.

No matter what was the reason of my miscarriage, I believe that setiap yg berlaku pasti ada hikmah disebaliknya..


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